About Us

PMI now grew up to the point to be an almost fully operational inter-religious network. There are a lot of interfaith networks exist in Myanmar but hardly any network is able to run longer as PMI has done. Within three years since establishment, it is growing from a network of 15 members to more than 50 members, carrying out initiatives to revive the spirit of tolerance in Myanmar through inter-religious dialogue in more than 100 townships out of 330 townships in Myanmar. To elaborate in a different way, PMI initiatives were able to seedling the major inter-religious dialogue movements in 12 out of 14 states and regions in Myanmar. Mostly, PMI works on peace building through the promotion of inter-religious dialogue comprises of Three Pillars of Building – Capacity Building, Confidence Building, and Network Building


The PMI is led by 4 Core Members and 8 Executive Committee Members, equally representing the four main religions of Myanmar (Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Christian). Furthermore, the PMI has 4 High-Level Patrons, and 16 Central Executive Committee members representing various parts of Myanmar. The rest of the memberships are CSOs and community leader representatives.

IRD Center

Within the year 2018, PMI has accomplished major capacity building component by opening up an IRD training center at the Asia Light monastery, with the generous support of space from Venerable Ashin Seindida, who is a leading monk in Myanmar as far as inter-religious dialogue is concerned.