Confidence Building among diverse communities to revive the tolerance in Myanmar, 2019

In April, during water festival, All Myanmar Gorkha Hindu Religious Association organized a youth camp for Hindu youth on leadership development. The Camp was attended by 650 Hindu youth across the country. The camp was 10 days long and included different topic. Before the camp, Hindu leader from PMI approached to the camp organizing committee and advocate for inclusion of dialogue training as a component. Upon that discussion, the committee agrees to include two days of dialogue training in the camp. PMI also contribute to that part of training as one of the Confidence Building Activities. For the inclusion of Dialogue, PMI core member San Min Naing and KAICIID country expert Harry Myo Lin supported technical input on dialogue to the organizing committee and the trainers. This CBM activity was an important contribution on confidence building among youth as it reaches out to 650 Hindu youth from different part of Myanmar and also successfully advocating the camp and the institution to include dialogue in their main work create inclusion of dialogue in the content of the training every year which fulfil the suitability.

Buddhis, Christian and Hindu religious leaders in May to celebrate an Iftar or fast-breaking meal, during the holy month of Ramadan. About 300 people participated in Myo Ma mosque in Sagaing. The participants were mostly from Yangon, Mandalay and Sagaing. The Iftar was very interested because of the recent event happened in Yangon in which a nationalist mob tried to stop the temporary Muslim prayer place which is allowed by the government. But the government was reluctant to take any action. However, the Sayar Taw u Sein Di Ta stared white rose campaign for interfaith and reopened the prayer places. People continued the White Rose Campaign. Since the Iftar is very own statement of the interfaith movement and the people who are very motivated by the Campaign followed to the Iftar and it was a big event. Religious leaders gave speeches on the peaceful existence and shared food together. The country expert of the KAICIID facilitated the training.

From 13th May 2019 to 17th May 2019, Youth for Youth organized the “Friendship Peace Camp Myanmar” in Sagaing University of Education, Sagaing region. 28 young participants (14 Male and 14 Female) from different Universities, different ethnicities and different regions participated in the Camp. The camp mainly focuses on dialogue and the peace process.
Most of the youth participated in the Camp has very few knowledges of the peace process and the situation in Myanmar. They firstly shared what they think the situation is and what motivated them to participate in the Camp. Later they learned together how the dialogue is essential for the peace. They did some bonding activities together and creative activities to resemble the peace. As the time passed, youth find there is a role for them to achieve the sustainable peace in Myanmar. They absorbed the important of tolerance, dialogue, and thee knowledge of the diversity of the country. The most satisfying thing about the Camp is that they shared how much they would share what they have learned in the Camp. They were shy in the start, but dialogue and creative activities brought them together.

From October 8 to 11, PMI collaborated a Dialogue training for International Relationships students from Mandalay University with UN Peace University of Philippines. The students had a chance to visit religious buildings in Mandalay and had a fruitful dialogue with the religious leaders. The trainees also created a toolkit which can be used in the events of Universities to promote religious harmony and dialogue. Fourteen students took part in the training and presented the toolkit to the PMI religious leaders.