Networking Building for promotion of IRD and sustainable peace building in Myanmar

109 religious leaders and other participants attended a “Regional Conference on Interreligious coexistence and inclusive development” organized in August by the PMI network collaboration with Metta Latkan, local peace building organization, in Tanintharyi region. The event was the first large-scale IRD forum in Tanintharyi to bring together stakeholders and senior government officials to promote interreligious dialogue, inclusive development, and violence prevention. Along with the promotion of peaceful values, the conference aimed to establish a regional IRD platform. The major outcome of the conference was the formation of a network “Societal peace and love”, which has already proved its efficiency by providing timely assistance and aid to victims of floods.

Celebration of the International Peace Day the 21 September 2018 in Mandalay: The event resulted in a large gathering of local organizations working in the field of IRD and was attended by more than 400 participants, including the Regional Minister of Communication and MPs.

200 people attended a“Dialogue4Peace Peace Music Concert organized by the PMI in Nay Pyi Taw in July 2018. The participants included religious leaders from four main faiths, Ministry of education, businesspersons, and Myanmar Scouts. The concert concluded with Peace Art performances. Four state newspapers covered the event.

Around 1000 people including policy makers, religious leaders and civil society representativesfrom many different parts of Myanmar joined “The celebration of welcoming peaceful and reconcile New Year” at Asia light foundation on 31st December. The celebration included dialogue sessions, networking events, interfaith prayers, intercultural exchanges and peace music concert. The celebration was jointly organized with Lawkatharra foundation which announce yearly Lawkatharra peace prize.